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Similar to private labeling, you select one of our formulas for your brand. Then, you can make small customizations to the formula like custom formulating.


Here are some examples of small changes; up to 2 are allowed:

  • custom color

  • custom scent

  • oil or extract addition

  • add ingredient


  1. Browse our catalogue. Choose which product you are interested in. Tell what changes you want to include. Only 2 are allowed.

  2. Try our samples. Samples are available for purchase so you can try before you decide.

  3. Choose your packaging. We have a wide range of packaging available that are sterile & clean.

  4. Tell us your quantity. If the moq is too high for you, we can provide you another alternative. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

  5. Place your order. We accept 50% deposit upon order and 50% upon delivery,

  6. Design your labels. We can only help you design a compliant label. Layout and printing is beyond our scope of expertise.

  7. Manufacturing & In House Testing. Takes 2-4 weeks depending on availability of raw materials and complexity of the formulation.

  8. Delivery. A final invoice will be issued and a notification for finished goods delivery,



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